We are a focused, family oriented group of individuals who are like-minded in our pride and determination to make a meaningful and permanent contribution to the fabric of our urban landscapes.

Passionately detail driven, we strive to surpass the status quo at every turn. In terms of design, character, livability and integrity, each of our creations is a definitive original - distinct from any other, anywhere in the world.

Conceptually, our projects are not only our passion, but home. This intimate perspective lends us an intuitive understanding of the implications of our designs. We strive to create aesthetically moving structures that have the immediate impact of striking works of art. With the passage of time, we look forward to their inherent livability being further revealed through the influences of space, light, texture and community.

James Schouw & Associates is committed to advancing energy efficiency and environmental sensitivity in all of our endeavors. We work with preeminent consultants, engineers and advisors to elegantly harmonize leading technologies with timeless architecture. We continue to pioneer initiatives that shape and preserve the integrity of our community.

Our website is currently undergoing a technical and reimaginative update - to optimize current mobile-friendly site architecture and to facilitate new project information. Until the update is completed, viewability on the current site may be limited, especially with mobile devices.

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